Hi, my name is Polly Nance and I’m a professional photographer currently living and working in Atlanta, Georgia. I am the mother of two beautiful children and spend every day I can photographing anything and everything that catches my eye. I graduated from Agnes Scott in 2011 with a BA in Art History. I fell in love with photography as a child, but my true passion developed while taking an upper-level art history course about the history of photography. It was then and there that I created my first portrait series. I officially decided to turn photography into a professional career in mid to late 2011. Initially, I started out in product photography, photographing handwoven rugs for a non-profit organization. It was a great place to get my feet wet, but I wanted to go back to portrait photography. I photograph any special moment a client wishes to capture; newborns, babies, children, maternity bellies, birthday parties, high school senior portraits, family portraits, weddings etc. I put an incredible amount of heart and passion into my photography and I am willing to travel out of state if need be. I am an artist at heart and I bring my creative artist’s eye into any subject I’m photographing.


Email me at pollynance3@gmail.com for questions, price inquiries and bookings!


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